Exciting news for DPD!

At the start of the year DPD began the year with just 130 Electric vehicles and 5 months later they have now over 700 electric vehicles which is more than 10% of their entire fleet making DPD the UK biggest electric delivery fleet.

DPD have also confirmed a partnership with Swedish Electric Vehicle Manufacture Volta truck to bring in a full – electric large commercial vehicle specially designed to deliver parcels. Currently being built to be later released in late 2020 and too be tested in London’s ultra low emission zone in 2021.

It will be the worlds first full-electric 16-tonne vehicle with the hope to help eliminate 180,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2025.

It's hope is to help improve today's air pollution and noise pollution when they are at their worst by delivery parcels to customers in a clean and efficient way.

The space where the engine normally goes has now been replaced by the driver’s cab, so the driver can sit closer to the road providing a much better view of other road vehicles. The driver will sit in a central position with 220 degrees of direct vision around the vehicle this will help to reduce the number of blind spots. Traditional mirrors will be replaced by rear-view cameras so the driver is able to have a 360-view of their surrounding which will also have blind spot warning system. Makers of the truck claim this will set new standard in road safety.

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